Being A True Transformer

Mission Statement: Resurrection Church will transform lives through the power and love of Jesus Christ.


Vision Statement: We are dedicated to engaging and empowering people to reach their full potential in God.


What is a Transformer?

A Transformer is a person that actively seeks to help transform the lives of people. We help transform those lives through our interactions with people (sharing the word, inviting them to church, praying with them in time of need, encouraging them when they are down, and offering resources to them when they are in trouble). As a transformer, you should be actively engaged in being a vessel for God to use daily.


Why do we call our members, “Transformers?”

We call our members “Transformers” because we want to continually remind our members of our mission to Transform Lives. As we remember our mission daily, we should see ourselves as agent of transformation.


How do I Transform people?

You transform people in many ways, but the first way is being an example to them of what God can do when you give your life totally over to Him. All of us have been blessed in many ways and because of that we should be able to share the message of Jesus Christ with others.What does


Being A True Transformer mean?

When we use the statement Being A True Transformer, we are speaking of the ways that we are encouraging each of our members to commit to the vision and mission that God has given us, help our church be stable and move forward, and to continually grow.


How do I become a True Transformer?

There are four easy steps to being a true transformer: Attending, Inviting, Giving, and Growing. We believe that when you engage all four of these steps, it allows our church to be strong enough to continue and active enough to thrive. We need every person’s participation as we seek to move forward in being true transformers.


The four easy steps explained:

1. ATTENDING – we encourage our transformers to attend church every Sunday. Each Sunday God visits us in a very unique way and every Sunday is just as important as others. We need our transformers to come to church every Sunday so that we can have consistent attendance and strength every Sunday. It is hard to grow when members are consistently missing church. It causes visitors to come to an empty church and believe nothing is happening.

2. INVITING – we encourage our transformers to invite family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and those we may see in passing to church. We continually grow our membership by word of mouth invitations to people we know who need a church home. When we become excited about our church, it is easy to share the message with someone else.

3. GIVING – we encourage our transformers to give consistently. As we seek to become a 100% tithing congregation, we ask our transformers to fully commit to tithing. Our ministry can only survive because of the contributions of our members. Each week’s tithes and offerings are important because it helps us to be able to continue to do ministry. Each Sunday, tithes and offerings are used to cover weekly expenses (facility rental, equipment and supplies, and staffing), but also to offer resources throughout the community.

4. GROWING – we encourage our transformers to continually grow. We continually grow by studying the word, praying daily, attending worship services, engaging in praise and worship, being receptive to the word, giving consistently, and attending bible study opportunities which help you continually grow and develop as a Christian.


Why is it important for me to partner with our church by being a True Transformer?

It is important to partner with us to become a True Transformer because the strength of our ministry is in our members helping us make strides as a church. Without the commitment of all of our members, we only operate at a small percentage of our potential. God is calling all of us to be active in being Transformers!