Our Church History

RESURRECTION Church is “Transforming Lives” for the Kingdom of God. Founded in 2011 through the Godly Vision of our Founding Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Drew Kyndall Ross, our church is a beacon of light in the Pikesville Community. Since our inception in 2011, God has blessed us tremendously in maturity, mission, ministry, and membership. We seek to be a church where everyone feels loved, as we are “Transforming Lives!”

There’s a lot happening at RESURRECTION Church! The Transforming Lives ministry of RESURRECTION covers members from all walks of life. As a ministry with dynamic leadership, RESURRECTION has grown spiritually and numerically since its existence. At the core of our ministry are our Statements, Mission and Vision, which under gird the call of outreach carried out through my heart and the heart of our members.

RESURRECTION is a ministry that is serious about helping and growing both new and more mature members. For example, our Church has hosted a FREE Skate Party during the Christmas holiday for over 300 Youth, given away Christmas gifts, and served Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day. We hosted a FREE Financial Empowerment Workshop for Adults where we partnered with businesses to provide free and discounted services (oil change, hair cut, beauty services, and more) to those in attendance. We have hosted a Community Block Party for the neighboring communities of our church where we have given away free food and gift bags. RESURRECTION is truly on the move in the community and we plan to do even more this year!

At the heart of the ministry is Outreach. Embedded into our Vision and Mission alongside the generosity of the members, RESURRECTION is taking Baltimore by storm! RESURRECTION is open to assist the Greater Baltimore community and seeks to provide life-changing impact. Along with Evangelism, Outreach, Tape Ministry, Internet Worship On Demand, these are just SOME of the ways in which our church seeks to get the message of Christ out to the greater Baltimore community and the world.

With multiple impactful experiences per week/weekend that meet the spiritual needs of those who come contact with the ministry, we seek to equip and uplift people through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The best way to do justice to all that’s happening at RESURRECTION is to visit and GET CONNECTED! We are eager to help transform your life for Christ! 

On Monday, December 10, 2018, after 7 years of faithful pastoral service, Rev. Dr. Ross resigned from the pastorate of Resurrection Church to serve as the Senior Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church of Hackensack, New Jersey. He celebrated his final Sunday as Senior Pastor on Sunday, December 23, 2018. At the recommendation of Rev. Dr. Ross to the Joint Ministry (Deacons and Trustees), Rev. Darren L. Cook was selected to serve as the Interim Pastor of Resurrection Church beginning Tuesday, January 1, 2019.